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FireAngel FS1521W2-T Smart RF Module
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FireAngel FS1521W2-T Smart RF Module

#FireAngel FS1521W2-T

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  • A Smart RF Radio Module provides a wireless connection between any Smart RF enabled device.
    • By fitting a Smart RF module, you can wirelessly link up to 50 Smart RF devices to ensure a faster reaction through the property. When one alarm sounds they all sound.
    • Fit into any of our Smart RF mains or battery product range including FireAngel Specification and all products with the ╩╗Smart RF Ready╩╝ logo
    • Connected Homes - All devices featuring Smart RF technology are able to connect to the FireAngel cloud via a FireAngel gateway providing
    complete access to diagnostic information reported by the device.
    • Connected Homes - Real time alerts from your alarm network can be sent
    via a personalised management dashboard, email or to mobile. Allowing
    you to easily monitor and manage alarm networks wherever you are with
    FireAngel Connect. (See page 10 for more information)
    • 5 year warranty


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