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FireAngel FS1226-T Smoke Alarm
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FireAngel FS1226-T Smoke Alarm

#FireAngel FS1226-T

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  • The FireAngel FS1226-T is a battery powered enhanced heat alarm
    • Features Thermistek technology with a unique radiant heat dish,
    which refl ects directional heat from the fi re onto the thermistor for a
    faster response
    • Smart RF Ready - Fit a Smart RF Radio module (FS1521W2-T) for
    wireless compatibility. Wirelessly connect up to 50 Smart RF devices
    within one network
    • Predicts temperature rise and primes the alarm to respond sooner if
    the temperature is predicted to be rising at a dangerous rate
    • Thermistek technology provides a quicker response to fast fl aming fi res
    • 10 year sealed for life Panasonic battery
    • Trusted technology used by the UKʼs Fire and Rescue Service
    • Smart Silence - temporarily silence known false alarms


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