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1.5kw Oil Filled Radiator with Timer CR15T
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1.5kw Oil Filled Radiator with Timer CR15T


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This Extra Value 1.5kw oil filled radiator provides heat quickly and features a variable thermostat to ensure a constant room temperature.

This oil filled radiator can be used all around the house or office. Use it to quickly warm a small room or pop it alongside the desk to keep you comfortable at work. And, with the different heat options, finding the right temperature is easy.

Easy To Use

Simply plug it in and its ready to go. This electrical appliance is economical to use and comes equipped with overheating shut off protection.

This 1.5kw oil filled radiator is easily portable and its wheels makes it easy for anyone to move around the house.


  • 1.5kw output
  • Multiple heating options
  • Overheating protection
  • Versatile and portable
  • Variable thermostat
  • Ideal for home or office

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